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Stichting Interplast Holland

I have been working as a hand therapist for over 22 years and I am extremely passionate about this specialised profession, hence my team’s name and the charity that I chose: Stichting Interplast Holland.

I have been part of a few surgical missions in Africa which has been an incredible experience on so many different levels. And a total eye-opener that there is still so much we can do to reach out.

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Offer a Helping HAND: Support Interplast's Lifesaving Mission

Interplast shares medical knowledge, treatment, and experience with under-resourced communities around the world. Hand surgery and subsequently hand therapy is a big part of this. 

All over the world, people suffer from diseases that leave bad scars and disfigurements. Accidents involving burns or animal bites are also very common. Children suffer the most and often have to bear the consequences for the rest of their lives.

In many crisis areas people become victims of violent conflicts. For children in particular these attacks are traumatising and without appropriate treatment can make living a normal life impossible.

The Interplast surgical teams are experienced plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, operating theatre nurses and therapists who travel to crisis areas in their spare time - free of charge - and operate on and treat people in need. Because of this, children in particular can be helped to lead a dignified life that would otherwise be denied to them.

INTERPLAST could use our help to provide the best care possible. So please offer a helping HAND and donate.

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