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I am a Dutchie but have lived and worked in the UK (London) for almost 6 years. In October 2020 I moved to beautiful Switzerland, where I now still live and work as a Hand Therapist (OT).

As it currently looks like, I will be the first female solo rower from the Netherlands, although I might be slightly cheating as I am not living there anymore 😉. 

In 2019, I got involved in a research project “trigger fingers in Ocean Rowers”. With the (NHS) research team existing of Hand Surgeons and Hand Therapists.

We headed off to la Gomera in early December 2019 to start the project. The moment we arrived, feeling the excitement, seeing the ocean rowing boats, and talking to the rowers, I was hooked, and it never left my mind.

Research, December 2019

...and here we are… 


Have I ever done this before?

The answer is ‘no’. 

Have I ever rowed before?

The answer is ‘no’. 

Besides my work as a hand therapist, my passion is my motorbike, so not even water-related 

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-29 at 9.34.43 PM.
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So why do this? 

Why not…!

but please...ask me again in Antigua.

I am fully aware the ocean row will test me to the max and on a completely different level than I have ever been tested before, physically, and mentally. But keeping in mind that the children and adults with disabilities who need help from Interplast, are and have been dealing with a lot worse.  Being able to support these children and adults with your donations during the row to help them in further life, gives me as a hand therapist, an incredible boost and motivation.

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