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When Mel told me a while ago that she was planning to participate in 'The toughest Ocean Row on Earth', I felt the enthusiasm rising within me. 

What an incredibly cool and extreme challenge, which requires a lot of courage, perseverance and guts. I admit, I would like to, but I don't have the nerve to do it.

I felt the need to help, but how and what? That question was answered when I saw the charity: 'I am going to be a sponsor'!  Two birds with one stone.

I contribute a little to the necessities of the race and support a very good cause.

Mel, I wish you the best of luck and success in the preparation and of course the race itself.

You are an incredible person!

Oar2 -cutout-750x750.png

For dedicated hand therapists, charities like Interplast mean a lot. 

So we would like to support our, slightly crazy, colleague from the Hand Academy in this mammoth challenge. 

Godspeed and hope you'll arrive in Antigua without trigger fingers. 


Go Mel! 

This will surely be an amazing challenge and quite the experience!

Handtherapie Fortbildung

Go, go, go liebe Mel! 

und komm gesund und munter wieder!!!

Achim und Andrea

Us Dutchies love being on the water but I would never have the courage to be out there alone.

So in full admiration I support Mel on her journey!

Yvette Stoel, Lymphbildung
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